TL125ND, economical and practical alarm, siren, signal horn, electronic alarms, marine electronic siren, electronic buzzer
2016-04-23 12:40:10
Brand : TALENT
Model : TL125ND
Price :

TL125ND,siren, signal horn, electronic alarms, marine electronic siren, electronic buzzer

Economical and practical Siren 106dB


Electronic alarms, sirens for industrial use, electronic buzzers




Product Features


1. clear and loud alarm sound economic and practical, industry alerts, marine electronic buzzer alarm (Electronic Siren)


2. available in different alarm tones. (12 beep) (20 kinds of music + beep)


3. can be used outdoor waterproof, dustproof, easy installation easy


4. appearance structure novel, operation is easy to use and can work continuously for a long time, stable and reliable


5. internal distribution of products with a tone selector switch and the volume regulator, users can adjust the tone and volume of the market size, detailed options shown in the table below


6. suitable for all kinds of industrial equipment, machine, crane, vehicle cranes, conveyor equipment, ports, ship machinery, iron and steel industry, mechanical engineering (Lane, crawler crane, hanging tire, etc), port machinery (cranes, bridge cranes, etc) lifting equipment, fire protection, security alarms and other outdoor equipment for the police.


7. speaker colour: silver grey black-b-GR shell color: MUNSELL NO.7.5BG7/2


8. volume: 95-106dB


9. material: body-ABS


10. protection class: IP54. dust can be used outdoors


11. voice prompts that can be customized according to customer requirements (need customized)


12.remote control, light control, infrared control, power sound and light alarm, battery sound and light alarm, voice prompts, and other special requirements can be customized according to user requirements


Product Specifications



Built-in sound








WS-Warning tones-12







WP-Sirens sound 12-tone




Housing: silver gray


20 WM-music sound sound







WA-Sirens sound-20






WV-voice channel 10






Factory default: the power control mode, and special voltage (48V, 440V etc) can be customized


* Overall installation diagram




* Wiring


1.AC the AC power products: no polarity, directly connected to the mains.


2..DC power products: black wire is connected to the negative terminal (-).


3. for a more secure connection, ends of the power cables using cold press terminal block "o", "u"




Customized products (-LC) leads to the power cord and signal cable.


1. lead power cord specification: UL1015-NO18 (0.75sq) x 2c


2. led signal cable specifications: UL1007-NO.22 (0.3SQ) 400mm


* Use notices


1. this product can be used outdoors, waterproof, dust-proof structure of the products, when you connect the power cord or other switching operations, when disassembling, assembling various parts of the fixing bolts must be tightened to ensure product properties of waterproof and dustproof.


2. power lines to connect the entrance used for waterproofing joints or explosion-proof fittings, ensure they are closed. Entrance of the enclosed power supply cable is not placed in the cold air outside, intrusion of foreign bodies such as damage due to moisture or dust.


3. using voltage than the rated voltage up or down too sharply will shorten the life or cause the product to adverse issues. Please ensure that the voltage at nominal voltage range within ± 5%.


4. the shade or the surface of the body, contact with corrosive chemicals will lead to deformation or damage product issues such as fading, users should pay special attention.


5. do not give the product strong impacts, which will cause damage to parts or circuit breaker


6. do not force drawn wires exposed on the product. Product failures due to this is one of them.


* Signal selection and connection method

Tone types selection methods


Purchase form (LC):-the use of external contact control

Standard form:-with internal switch

1. this product has 12 alarms and 20 kinds of music options, standard product (using an internal selection tone selector switch) can take advantage of the sound on selector switch (left), select audio type




2. use of external contacts choose tone-customized products (-LC) wiring, refer to the picture on the left content types for the selected sound.


Method of adjusting volume


1. this product has a volume control device on an internal circuit board (left). Adjuster to rotate in the clockwise direction, increase the volume, counterclockwise rotation in the direction of reducing the volume.


Please carefully read the user manual and refer to the chart in the correct method of operation.


















*Model Selection



 -  WS   -

220   -

 - (LC)






tone  select




WS-Warning tones-12


Not specified (None) select internal drive





WP-Sirens sound 12-tone






20 WM-music sound sound


LC designation (Order) select the external-contact





WA-Sirens sound-20






WV-voice channel 10







Installation accessories (requires user optional)